Custom Railing Colors

All of our custom products are powder coated for a permanent and virtually maintenance free finish. This is an extremely durable finish that you'll find on many household appliances such as your washer and dryer and most kitchen appliances. More information about powder coating.

RailPro offers numerous levels of customized colors for your railings, which are explained in more detail below.


All quotes are based on White or Black


There is a selection of about 6 colors which we class as semicustom. These add a small additional cost of about 5%. These colors change from time to time as consumer tastes change so please check with us at the time of your project. There are usually several in the brown family, a green and a gray.

Current SemiCustom Colors 1/1/12


There are a large number of custom colors to choose from. These will add cost for both the powder and set up costs. Custom colors are quoted based on the color and your project. Our most popular set of custom colors is the Tiger Drylac RAL colors that can be seen here. (Download PDF)

Current Custom Colors 1/1/12

Metallics and Textured

There are a number of metallic and textured colors that are available. These will usually add about 10% to the job plus a set up of $300.

Current Metallic Colors 1/1/12

Custom Color Match

If you must have a match to something else on your project and can't find an acceptable color from the various powder suppliers, you can submit a sample of your color. This will be sent to the paint manufacturer's lab and they will create a custom formulation to match your color. A color sample will be sent for approval. This process will typically add 4 weeks to the overall process. The cost will be dependent upon the cost of the paint, minimum paint order, size of your project and set up cost. The least you should budget would be $1000, so unless it's very important to have a color match it can be a large expense on a small project.

Brushed Aluminum

We do not offer this as a finish. Many of our parts are welded and ground to a smooth finish. Unpainted, these are unsightly, so everything we do is powder coated. If you're looking for that metal look we offer several Metallic Silvers to give you that base metal appearance.

Anodized Aluminum

We do not offer this as a finish. As discussed above, many of our parts are welded. If we were to have the product anodized the welds and body would show up as two different colors because the welds are of a slightly different composition than the base metal. We offer several metallic finishes that give you the appearance of anodized metal including one of our most popular colors, Bronze Anodized. This finish looks very much like its namesake.