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Glass Rail

Glass rail is the most popular choice for preserving your view. We have two styles of glass rail to choose from: our standard full frame glass rail and a topless glass rail.

RailPro Glass Rail Makes a Difference

We have seen DIY or subcontracted installations from the warehouse stores and these cannot rival the quality and attention to detail that RailPro provides. Our many years of professional installation experience and aesthetic expertise will ensure your ultimate satisfaction. Here are just a few of the extra details that sets RailPro apart from other installers.

In a proper glass rail installation, the openings along a run should all be equal in size. However, if the front of your deck is 24 feet long, often an installer will give you four openings at 5 feet and the last opening will be shorter at 4 feet. This is to accommodate a 5-foot-long stock size glass panel. RailPro will never take this shortcut with your rail. We will install the framework to have five equal size openings across the front. We then measure each opening and have the glass custom cut for an exact fit. The "reveal," which is the air space between the glass and post, will be uniform across your entire deck with a RailPro installation.

Additionally, RailPro finishes the vertical exposed edges with a high pencil polish, while others ignore the finish in order to save money.

If you have a sloped deck, which is usually the case with waterproof decks, RailPro gives you the option of running the top rail completely level to the horizon. Others will only install the rail parallel to the deck surface. This feature is very important if your view is seen from the sides as well as the front of your deck. If your sides slope, your eye will catch this imperfection, distracting from the view.

Glass Styles

RailPro Full Frame Glass Rail

Full Frame Glass Rail

This style provides the safe economical guardrail you need with a minimum amount of obstruction to your view. The top rail has a slim 2 height and the posts are only 1 5/8". This maximizes the size of the 1/4" tempered glass infill panel.

Enhance your style

Open Midrail - There are several ways to add some pizzazz to your glass rail. The most popular has been the addition of a midrail to the system. This provides visual interest without a significant obstruction of your view.

Overlay Pattern - Another way to change your look is to add an overlay pattern to the outside of the glass.

Topless Glass

Completely different than the full frame glass rail, this style consists of only two components: A vertical post and 3/8" tempered glass. It provides the maximum amount of view area of any rail style. In addition, it provides a solid barrier for wind protection.

The exposed edges of the glass come with a flat high polish. For additional interest the glass can be extended above the post and the glass corner will be cut with a radius.

There are two different styles of posts available: A square post and a fin post.

Custom Posts

Please note that while this style meets all IRC code requirements, your local code authorities may have written tighter codes requiring a top rail. While this is rare, it is not RailPro's responsibility to verify local code requirements.

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