At RailPro we do not quote work by a generic cost per lineal foot. All of our quotes are worked from the parts up for your particular project. This process will give you the most accurate and fair pricing for your project. We have found that those that quote based on the lineal foot will over price to make sure they cover their costs or under price and come back and surprise you with a bigger number later. Our estimates take more work but usually we turn them around in a few days once we have the information we need to give you a good quote.

If you'd like a budget number for your project, please fill out the online form below and send it to the closest RailPro location.

We can provide you a fully installed price or a parts only order.

The one style we do not normally offer as parts only is our RailPro Classic line. This style requires very accurate site measures as this rail is built to fit and there is very little room for error.

If you have any questions about the form please give us a call and we'll walk you through the process.





Required Sketch

    A rough plan view diagram of your project is required to provide a quote.
    Attach a drawing or file. (10MB Max!) If you need to send more than one file, use Zip File Utility.

    Or email or fax your sketch to the appropriate location:
    Washington -
    Oregon -


A hand sketch is fine, we just need to know:

  • The length of the runs of rail (within a foot)
  • The turns (are they 90 degrees or on an angle)
  • If you have stairs
  • If you can provide any pictures, this would be a great help

Please note that we currently have a minimum of $2500 for an installed job


Is there any additional information you can provide us about your project that would help us in providing you with an accurate estimate?

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For the DIY we can provide parts only orders. You are responsible for providing us with a good layout and we will help you call out the parts. If would be the same if you were building a deck and brought your drawings to the lumberyard. We will help you but will not normally do an on site visit. If you want us to measure your deck, there is a $250 site visit charge.

Glass rail is a two-step process. Once the framework has been installed, you will measure the openings and send us the measurements. We then order the glass, which takes about 7 working days.

Please note that in most cases if you are planning to pick up the materials, you must have the ability to safely transport material that will be 20' in length. Please don't show up with a normal auto or SUV.

Pars only projects can be will called at our shop. We can deliver for a per trip fee of $200.00, within a 20 mile radius of the RailPro location. Job sites further out will be quoted.

We want your project to go well, but please know it can be very difficult to answer questions over the phone. If you are at all unsure of your ability to install railing, we strongly suggest you consider having RailPro do the installation.


Fully Installed Project

A 50% deposit, a signed copy of the estimate, and a signed layout drawing are required before orders are placed. There is currently about a 4 week lead time for installation projects.

Parts Only Project

Payment in full at the time of order is required along with a signed estimate and signed off drawings. You are fully responsible for the accuracy of the call out information. No returns are allowed for any custom part or color. Stock parts can be returned and are subject to a 20% restocking fee.

Thank you for your interest in RailPro for your project!